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Travel is the main thing you purchase that makes you more extravagant”.At ‘Aris Travel & Tours’, swear by this and put stock in satisfying travel dreams that make you perpetually rich constantly. From the beautiful land of Saranda we have starting for this long journey with you, specializing in tailor-made trips, tours, car rental , transfers and accommodations designed according to your needs and expectations.

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We will help you live your customized stay in my land allowing you to choose what you like best. Precisely for this reason we created
Aris : a new interactive way to experience the holiday where
YOU are the protagonist!

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Blue eye - Lekursi Castle

The Blue Eye of Albania is one of the most beautiful places to see in Albania. The Blue Eye is a natural fresh water spring. The natural spring pumps bright blue water to the surface. The Blue Eye has become a touristic attraction, since the water of the spring is a magical blue colour.

Butrint National Park - Ksamil Tour

Butrint National Park is the most impressive UNESCO Heritage site in Albania. Throughout history, Butrint was a Greek city, a Roman city

Albanian Riviera Tour

The Albanian Riviera is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe. Yet many tourists are not yet familiar with the stunning beaches of along the Ionian Sea, therefore, it remains quiet and untouched.

Gjirokastra Tour

Gjirokaster is a historical city with beautiful traditional stone houses. The historical city center of Gjirokaster is on the UNESCO heritage list. The most impressive sight in Gjirokaster is the hilltop Gjirokaster Castle, which gives you a panoramic view of the city center.


You can choose your own transfer.

1. Tirane – Sarande – Tirane

2. Rinas – Sarande- Rinas

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